About Us

Exceptional care since 1992

Promoting people’s independence through active support from our highly qualified staff.

We are a values driven company and work tirelessly with both service users and employees to enhance a positive culture. This underpins the service that we provide, in which, continuity of care and a person centred approach are paramount.
We have been providing domiciliary care to our local community within Worcestershire for over 25 years and are regarded as one of the county’s superior home care providers. Our carers are from within the local community as are the majority of our administration and management staff.

Direct employment of our carers

We work with our carers from day one; right from recruiting, assessing and managing them. This ensures all of our carers go through our rigorous recruitment and selection process which involves our full vetting procedure.

Continuity of care

Having consistent care patterns with familiar faces prevents anxiety and enhances everyone’s well-being as it allows our customers to develop a good rapport with their carers.

Round the clock care guaranteed

Our customers will never be left without a carer; if your usual carer is sick or unable to work for some reason we will make sure that they are immediately replaced.

Fully regulated

We have developed a core strategy in line with regulations set out by both the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Worcestershire County Council.

Recognition within Worcestershire

We pride ourselves on our reputation which is endorsed by both our service users and our employees. We are frequently asked to undertake care of additional family members and friends of existing clients.

Bespoke training

We provide both in-house and external training to fully meet the needs of our carers. Our specialist training facilities enables us to provide high standards of in-house training as well facilitate external training providers. Both aspects of the training available to our employees ensures they are fully equipped to provide the high level of care which we strive to maintain.

We focus on promoting our values which have proven to be dynamic and sustainable

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