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I am satisfied with the service I receive from Care Force and I am very happy with the carers, especially Karen. The carers are always polite and there is good back up from the office. Everyone from Care Force looks after me very well.

Barry D

The support and kindness that me and family received from Care Force, whilst they were caring for my husband is greatly appreciated.

Betty H

Care Force showed great reliability and did everything possible to look after my mother before she went in to a nursing home.

Barry C

It is always such a relief when the care workers from Care Force come. They are always helpful, caring and compassionate, with smiles and practical help. Isn’t it encouraging, in a world where there is much sadness and many difficulties, there are countless good, loving and smiling people! I couldn’t manage without Care Force.

The Cross Family

The quality of care received from Care Force is excellent. The care workers are very good at arriving on time and not letting you down and Care Force always responds to my questions and keeps me up to date.

Mary C

The service I received is very good and flexible so a mixture of Care Force carers and family can provide care. The team at Care Force is excellent at working with your family and friends where they are involved in your care.

Robert C

My husband always has a big smile when the care worker arrives to look after him. She has made such a difference to me, knowing that my husband will be very happy for me to leave him so I can do my shopping. All of the staff at Care Force are excellent and very thoughtful.

Jean S

I think the service is very good especially seen as the carers are always friendly, polite and respectful.

Jeanette H

I would definitely recommend Care Force to anyone looking for a home care provider. The overall quality of the service is very good; everyone knows their jobs and are committed to helping my wife.

John H