Join Our Team

Being a carer is a unique opportunity,
it takes energy, enthusiasm and effort to help
those most vulnerable in our community.

Being one of the most reputable care providers in Worcestershire, Care Force is well aware of the commitment of our current carers and we work with them to ensure they are able to have a fulfilling career and are extremely mindful of a good work-life balance.
Should you be interested in joining the Care-Force team, we will provide you with the following:

Care Certificate

We will train you to gain your Care Certificate and NVQ 1-5, depending on what you want to do.

Hands-on training

We will ensure you have hands-on training followed by shadowing and active monitoring.

Professional development

We encourage all staff to continuously review their professional development and will source CPD and refresher training for them.
It is not an easy job, but it is a rewarding job and we acknowledge each person as an individual, not only carers but service users too.

Our fundamental value is one of Kindness, we see our service users as extensions of our self.

If you believe you are kind, enthusiastic, energetic and willing to take on a challenge, then do get in touch with us, don’t hesitate, you will be amazed at the benefit caring for others has on your own health and wellbeing.


“I have been with the Care Force team for five years now and it has been challenging, but so rewarding. The chance to aid and really help people has been so satisfying and the support from management is amazing, I can honestly say, I love my job!”



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